The Top 3 Holiday-Themed Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

November 30, 2018
Show others that you and your business are in the holiday spirit by hosting a Hanukkah or Christmas party.

In previous blogs, we covered Halloween marketing tips and Thanksgiving marketing tips for small businesses. With the following three marketing tips, you can ensure a very happy holiday season for your small business.

No. 1: Post Holiday-themed videos to your website. These can showcase your products in a merry and festive way, such as in front of a Christmas tree, for example. Taking it a step further, you could post a video about how to properly wrap presents, using your products as the presents being wrapped. Posting videos to your landing pages can potentially result in an increase in conversions of approximately 86 percent, or even more during the holidays when most people are shopping. The human brain processes visual information about 60,000 times faster than text, which means that visitors to your website will learn about your products and/or services much more effectively through videos rather than text. Video is a major trend in online marketing, and social media users are much more likely to share videos with their friends and family. Video is also considered “rich media,” which is more favorable to search engine algorithms so can help boost your SEO.

No. 2: Update your branding to reflect the Holidays. This can include temporarily tweaking your logo, social media profiles and print advertisements with holiday elements, such as Holiday-themed images. Don’t let the cost deter you, as you can reuse them every year. Keep in mind that consumers typically respond well to Holiday-themed advertising, as it elicits a positive emotional response. Additionally, consumers prefer ads that entertain them above all others, so ensure your branding is entertaining.

No. 3: Host a Holiday event. Show others that you and your business are in the holiday spirit by hosting a Hanukkah or Christmas party or have Santa stop by to take pictures with kids and families. You can also have a holiday concert or go caroling with clients. As noted in our Halloween blog, you can team up with other local businesses to host an event. This enables you to not only spread holiday cheer, but attract the other businesses’ existing customer base to your establishment, thus garnering new clientele.