The 5 Most Effective Halloween Advertising Techniques for Your Small Business

October 27, 2017
With the following pointers in mind, your business’ Halloween ads will be a hit, setting your business up for success for the remaining part of the year.

There’s more to Halloween than just candy corn and horror flicks. This spooky celebration actually marks the official starting line for holiday advertising. Because this is the most competitive time of year for businesses large and small, your brand will need to use this chance to show your audience that you know what they want, and you have what they need. The holidays, starting with Halloween, also allow your small business to launch highly-creative ad campaigns and interact with your customers in a more lighthearted manner. With the following pointers in mind, your business’ Halloween ads will be a hit, setting your business up for success for the remaining part of the year.

No. 1: Be creative and have fun with your Halloween ads. The most important factor when determining the overall angle and arc of your Halloween advertisements is to think outside the box. REI did just that by creating a “Zombie Survival” infographic that includes REI products as the essential survival gear during a zombie apocalypse. Creating something visual and fun that also ties in with your brand’s offering is a great way to appeal to your audience through content marketing or direct advertising. The more your business is able to integrate the Halloween angle with your brand’s overall message, the better results you will yield.

No. 2: Know your target market for this holiday (and all holidays). When brainstorming and launching your Halloween ad campaign, be sure to consider who it is you’re selling to. If referencing a specific spooky film, be aware that the reference might not be perceived by younger generations. Similarly, don’t use gore or adult themes in ads that are targeted for children and/or families.

No. 3: Plan ahead for post-holiday and subsequent celebrations. Get organized with your Halloween ad campaign by creating a calendar of dates that maps out A/B testing, campaign roll-out, budget, ad copy and themes, keywords, along with bidding strategy. This will allow your business to stay consistent and switch gears immediately after Halloween to prepare for Thanksgiving and the winter holidays. You can even strategically offer post-Halloween discounts and sales for consumers who are looking to save some cash before the holiday season.

No. 4: Pay special attention to your advertising budget and revenue. When planning out how much money to spend on your Halloween ads, use your usual October revenue as a reference, so you can also plan for your Thanksgiving and winter holidays budget. Depending on your brand’s offering, you will see different spikes in revenue among these holidays and other times of the year, so plan accordingly, using previous years as a general guide. If Halloween doesn’t generate as much in sales, consider running an online ad campaign that’s cost-effective and allows you to test out varying themes and copy.

No. 5: Automate your ad campaigns. Because Halloween marks the beginning of the holiday season, also known as the most hectic time of year, your small business should consider automating its Halloween ads to streamline your brand’s strategy. With automation, your brand has the ability to launch timely and relevant ads while allowing your business to proceed with daily operations before and after a holiday. When automating your ads, timing is absolutely key. Although you should definitely still check in on the metrics and performance of your ads, automating presents the opportunity to save time, money, and labor. Overall, Halloween is the perfect time to bring your ad creative and brand storytelling ideas to life--or should I say, back from the dead.

Blog by Melissa McElhose, STARKART staff writer