Is Shopping Cart Advertising A Good Fit For Your Business?

May 2, 2018
Essentially, any business that is local is a perfect fit for cart advertising.

For most small businesses, the answer to that question is a definitive “yes.” People push grocery carts the entire time they are at the grocery store, so your ad is inescapable. This allows you to target a local demographic, which is ideal for most small businesses as the typical local grocery store attracts 15,000 to 30,000 shoppers each week.

However, not all businesses are well-served by the grocery store demographic. For example, a hotel that caters to non-local customers. Businesses that are located far from a particular store might find grocery cart advertising non-effective.

So what types of businesses benefit the most from grocery cart advertising? Essentially, any business that is local. Real estate, for example, is an ideal business for grocery cart advertising, as it has a local clientele. Insurance is another perfect fit for grocery cart advertising, due to the fact that many households’ main decision-makers typically do the grocery shopping, and most insurance companies have a local client base. This is the same reason that financial advisors should have shopping cart ads as well.

Hospitals can also greatly benefit from shopping cart advertising. To be successful, it is essential that hospitals build a strong reputation of quality care within the community, which can be achieved via shopping cart advertising. Auto dealers are also prime candidates, and when shoppers are thinking about buying a new car, especially after driving to the supermarket, it is extremely beneficial if they are looking at an auto dealer’s shopping cart ad while wheeling around the grocery store. Additionally, any local restaurant is an obvious winner with grocery cart advertising, especially if the shopper does not want to cook the food they are purchasing at the grocery store that night.

Keep in mind that whatever your business, repeat exposure builds solid report, greater trust and attracts new clients. Shopping cart advertisements allow for more exposure to one’s target audience and for a greater length of time than any other type of advertising. For these reasons and more it is essential you advertise on a shopping cart.