4 Fun and Fantastic Ways To Market Your Business This Fall

August 9, 2019
Create a hashtag that is specific to your business and the fall season.

The dog days of summer will soon come to an end. Now is the time to get a jumpstart on your small business’ big autumn marketing endeavors, as fall presents a myriad of marketing opportunities. The following four tips will help ensure your fall marketing campaign is a success, while simultaneously helping people in need and attracting new clientele.

No. 1: Host a food or charity drive. People these days prefer to do business with companies that care, and fall is the ideal time of year to spearhead a food or charity drive. For example, you can host a food drive for a local food bank or collect food donations to feed people in need during Thanksgiving. Furthermore, as the weather gets colder in the fall, your business can host a fundraiser for Operation Warm, whose mission is to provide brand-new winter coats to children in need.

No. 2: Sponsor an Instagram photo contest. Start by creating a hashtag that is specific to your business and the fall season. Then, ask your Instagram followers to post pictures of themselves engaging in their favorite fall activities; for example, apple picking, pumpkin carving, flag football, etc. By posting the winner’s photo on your Instagram account, you can increase engagement with your clientele and spread brand awareness. 

No. 3: Offer a pre-holiday discount and gift cards. This is the holiday season, and most people are looking for deals and discounts long before Halloween and Thanksgiving, and of course Christmas. So, naturally, the advent of fall is the perfect time to offer your customers a discount on your products and/or services. Make sure to advertise this on your social media pages, website and press releases. You can also institute a deal-of-the-week email marketing campaign or a promotion for clients to spend now and save later. Furthermore, why not throw in a gift card? For example, for purchases over, say $500, you can offer a $25 gift card, or whatever amount your comfortable giving.

No. 4: Host a fall-themed event with other local businesses. This can include a sidewalk sale, pumpkin-carving contest, apple-bobbing contest, Halloween costume party, etc. By teaming up with other local businesses you attract their existing clientele and boost your brand’s exposure, while treating your loyal existing customers to some family fun.