10 Rules for Grocery Shopping When You’re Hungry

January 18, 2016

We all know the axiom for sane, rational grocery shopping: Don't go to the store when you are hungry. Research supports this sage and ancient advice: this study found that people bought more high-calorie food when grocery shopping hungry. However! That is the ideal. Life often works out otherwise. How often have you hit the grocery store for a dinner run, ravenous after a long day, and come out dazed and clutching two extra bags of cookies and fixings for nachos? Uh-huh. Us too. So let's talk strategy — hangry strategy.

 1. Promise yourself a healthy snack when you get back home.

2. Better yet, buy yourself a healthy snack.

 3. Make a quick list. 

4. Use a basket, not a cart. 

5. Put in your headphones, it helps get you in and out of the grocery store instead of browsing.

6. Visualize just one meal.

7. Decide you will check out of the under-15-items line.

8. Play the grocery store drinking game: every time you see something unnecessary that you want to buy, drink a sip of water!

9. Avoid the danger zones. 

10. Be prepared for next time you go to the store. Put a snack bar in your bag, or a packet of almonds!