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The 3 Reasons Why People Click on Your Online Ads Without Converting

October 13, 2017
The three following reasons will help your business synchronize its online ads and website/landing pages, solving any potential issues with online conversions.

It’s no secret that to keep up in the modern world of advertising, your small business ought to combine its traditional efforts with an online, digital presence. With that said, you will need to optimize your online ads along with the ad’s links and landing pages to not just see higher click-through rates, but also an increase in conversions.

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The Pros of Traditional Marketing

October 6, 2017
The following benefits of traditional marketing will help you understand why some of these practices are still very relevant in the digital age.

At its core, marketing is anything that your small business does to promote itself in the hopes of increasing sales, revenue, and exposure. With the development and boom of the internet, marketing has diverged into two separate categories: traditional and online marketing. Although both techniques should be essential to your small business’ strategy, knowing your target market(s) will help you better understand which avenue to depend on more heavily.

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