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Color Psychology for Your Small Business Ads

August 25, 2017
Advertising is in the details, and something as seemingly small as color can have a profound effect on how your business’ ads are received by the public. The following color profiles will help guide your brand into crafting an ad that resonates with your audience(s).

When advertising your small business, the effect of color on reactions, emotions, and perceptions can aid with increasing engagement, influencing a desired action, and creating a specific sentiment towards your brand or products/services. Unlike words, colors solely appeal to our subconscious minds.

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3 Reasons Why Your Small Biz Should Be Using Instagram

August 18, 2017
No. 3: Utilize Instagram videos along with other useful marketing tactics to boost overall engagement with your brand.

Boasting 300 million monthly users that share 70 million photos per day, Instagram has asserted itself as a major social media platform. Since its dawning, over 30 billion photos have been posted on the app--that’s four times the entire world’s population. Now, Instagram users have the ability to send disappearing videos to their followers and start live streaming videos, demonstrating a new opportunity for you to market your brand from a behind-the-scenes perspective. No matter your industry, you will want to consider incorporating Instagram into your advertising strategy in order to reach an increasingly mobile market.

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