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3 Characteristics of Facebook Ads that Will Make Your Small Biz’s Jaw Drop

July 28, 2017
The following facts will crystallize your brand’s need to include this platform in your advertising strategy to appeal to your audience on a whole new level.

With over 1 billion daily active users in 2016, Facebook has demonstrated itself as an online arena for mass advertising and marketing. They are the social media equivalent to Google and would be considered the third largest country in the world if users were counted as population. Odds are, the majority of your small business’ target audience(s) can be found on Facebook. 

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5 Essential Ingredients For Your Small Biz’s Advertising Campaign

July 21, 2017
The following steps will lead you to an ad campaign that resonates with your target market(s).

In its entirety, a successful ad campaign includes the advertisement itself, an enticing storefront, the overall customer experience, and everything in between. To truly get the most out of your ads, it will be necessary to take a walk inside your target consumers’ shoes to arrive at a deeper understanding of what it is you’re selling and why it should matter to your audience.

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