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Successful advertisements should be seen by the greatest number of people possible. With shopping carts, this high level of visibility is guaranteed-- simple, yet unavoidable.

Canada-Store-Logos.pngThe Vast Majority of supermarket shoppers use a shopping cart-- 98% statistics show. The first thing shoppers do when they arrive at the store is grab a cart, and the last thing they do before leaving is drop that cart off.

In other words, the cart displaying your ad is with them for their entire shopping trip. As shoppers move up and down the aisles throughout the store they pass an untold number of oncoming shoppers who will see 'you' coming toward them, day and night, at busy hours and slow ones.

So then, why shopping carts? Having read this page, you may have just answered that question by yourself. Grocery Cart advertisements are very effective in that they are not intrusive, yet they cannot be ignored. No one is sticking a flyer in your face, yet the front face of the shopping cart will never be out of site.