Advertise With Us

The purpose of any advertising: To make potential customers think of your business more than they do the competition's. This is the principle on which you and StarKart will discover an effective and profitable relationship.

StarKart professionals are ready to work with you on your customized and personal shopping cart advertising campaign, one that will ultimately bring you an unprecedented level of business. While we can't say exactly who will contact you, we do guarantee, if you're relying on printed flyers to get your work out, you're wasting money and spinning your wheels. 

SoldLady.pngImagine walking up to your car and finding a paper flyer on your windshield. Are you really going to look closely at it and keep it? Most people consider them a nuisance and immediately throw them away. Shopping cart advertisements, on the other hand, cannot be discarded. They are not obtrusive, but certainly unavoidable. A lot of prospective customers will see your shopping cart advertisement. Quite simply, StarKart places it directly in front of them as they shop!

Altogether, shopping cart advertising delivers more "bang for your buck" than any other method of promotion. Affordability is yet another keyword here. See what radio or TV spot will cost you-- gone in 30 to 60 seconds-- then check out our rates. This, combined with the largest shopping cart advertising network in the country, makes StarKart your obvious advertising choice.