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Who We Are

As the proven leading agency for grocery cart advertising, StarKart works with a wide range of small and medium businesses.

The concept of local grocery store advertising began some 30 years ago. Jeffrey Rosenthal, founded Starkart in 2004.

From that original pioneering effort, a decade later StarKart services more than 10,000 well known chain stores across the United States and Canada, currently maintaining the largest advertising network overall for grocery cart advertising.

Starkart serves realtors, insurance agencies, auto shops, medical professionals and attorneys, among many others. The result: Grocery cart advertising that increases brand recognition for these businesses, while reaching out to strategically targeted consumers.

Even in the most challenging economic times, everyone must eat. Tighter budgets simply mean more trips to supermarkets to cook meals at home. Keenly aware of this reality, StarKart advertisements carefully, effectively and sensibly speak to all potential customers.